TM3030Plus Tabletop Microscope

Hitachi TM3030Plus Tabletop SEM
Real-Time Secondary Electron Imaging without Sample Preparation



The Hitachi TM3030Plus Tabletop SEM is equipped with a proprietary, highly sensitive low-vacuum secondary electron detector capable of revealing fine sample surface detail information. In low-vacuum mode, the TM3030Plus offers both secondary electron images and reflective electron images without any prior sample processing. The result is increased throughput and sample information to meet the growing demands of today’s complex microscopy applications.

•    Secondary electron imaging and reflective electron imaging under low-vacuum conditions.
•    Composite imaging combining secondary electron and reflective electron data.
•    Powerful auto-functions for user-friendly, simple operation.
•    Low-vacuum observation without advance sample preparation.
•    Hitachi optimized electron optics for unmatched imaging performance.
•    Point-and-Click image optimization (accelerating voltage and vacuum intensity).
•    Comprehensive optional accessory items.

Backscattered Electron Image Secondary Electron Image