SU5000 Schottky Field-Emission SEM with Revolutionary SEM Control

Hitachi SU5000 Schottky SEM/FE-Scanning Electron Microscope
SU5000 and EM Wizard Change the Game!



The SU5000 FE-SEM has forever changed SEM operation. Ground-breaking computer-assisted technology from Hitachi, referred to as the EM Wizard, offers a new level of SEM operation and control.  Expert or novice, the result is now the same: Highest quality nano‑scale images at everyone's fingertips!

    Watch this 6-min video and see how the SU5000 and EM Wizard work together!

  • A novel, revolutionary user interface, EM Wizard, provides all users with optimum levels of resolution, repeatability, and throughput. With EM Wizard, beginners become experts overnight.
  • Automatic axis adjustment technology (auto-calibration) restores the microscope to its “best condition” on demand.
  • Robust “draw-out” specimen chamber accommodates large specimens (~200 mm, ~80 mmH).
  • Rapid sample exchange; evacuation to observation in 3 minutes or less.
  • Automated, intuitive on-demand image optimization on the fly.
  • Visual and interactive guide offers ‘pick and choose’ SEM modes to ensure best operating conditions.
  • Tilting and rotating the sample is simple; the image stays centered and in focus with the 3D MultiFinder tool.

With 3D MultiFinder the sample can rotate and tilt,
and the image and field of view remain centered and in focus.

The interactive guide allows ‘pick and choose’ imaging mode.
EM Wizard optimizes the image for you.