CG5000 Advanced High-Resolution CD-SEM

Hitachi CG5000 CD-SEM
New CD-SEM designed for sub-22nm technology node and beyond



The Hitachi CG5000 CD-SEM delivers High Resolution, High Throughput, and High Repeatability by utilizing improved electron optics, advanced image processing, and new wafer transfer system. The CG5000 is also capable of enhanced automatic calibration, providing long-term stability. In addition, the CG5000 supports new applications and measurement techniques to meet the challenges for new process and new materials for 1Xnm Process Development.

  • High Productivity
    High throughput is achieved by the new wafer transfer system, high-speed AF, and MAM time reduction by optimizing measurement area using multiple pixels ratio.
  • High Resolution
    The CG5000 improves image sharpness by Image Enhancement in order to achieve high-precision measurements for 1Xnm node patterns.
  • Long-Term Stability
    Repeatability improvement: High Repeatability is achieved by improved electron optics stability.
    Matching improvements: Matching between CG5000 models has been improved by utilizing the Auto Calibration Function which can adjust SEM conditions automatically by using a specialized sample on stage, thus improving long-term stability of the tools.