LS-Series Unpatterned Wafer Inspection System

Hitachi LS Series Wafer Inspection System
Wafer surface inspection system to detect small defects on unpatterned wafer



Hitachi LS-series unpatterned wafer inspection systems are designed for advanced inspection of bare Si wafers and unpatterned film-coated wafers. These systems are utilized throughout the world by semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers to ensure the qualities of Si wafers and the cleanliness of semiconductor processing equipment.

Selectable Configurations for Broad Applications

The LS systems enable the users to configure its multi-directional detectors for the optimal sensitivity for their defects of interest and to achieve accurate classification of different defect types.

High Sensitivity on Rough Films and Engineered Substrates

By selecting optimized detector configurations for specific films or substrates, the LS systems are able to reduce scattering noises from the wafer surfaces and filmed layers, and to deliver enhanced detection sensitivity for real defects on these types of wafers.

Detection and Discrimination for Small Concave Defects

The LS systems offer the users the flexibility to inspect small and shallow concave defects in either a single scan or a dual scan mode, and to perform a high accuracy defect separation.