Plasma Etch Platform | N-8000 Series

8000-Series Plasma Etch Platform
Hitachi’s New 8000-Series Dry Plasma Etcher


Hitachi's New 8000-Series Plasma Etch Platform
  • 4 Etch/Ash Chambers
  • 300mm Wafer Size
  • FOUP
  • Fully Flexible Chamber Flow Programming
  • Dedicated Load/Unload Ports
  • Fully AGV, OHV Capable

Hitachi’s newest platform is the 8000-Series for ultra-high volume manufacturing. The platform is designed specifically for sub-45nm technology nodes and can incorporate four chambers in any configuration of etch and ash systems.

The 8000-Series platform is designed to work with the Microwave ECR XT etch chamber or the UHF ECR etch chamber.