Plasma Etch Platform | 700-Series

700-Series Plasma Etch Platform
700-Series 200/300mm Plasma Etch Platform



Hitachi's 700-Series Dry Plasma Etcher

  • Bridge Tool
  • High Uptime/High Reliability/Low DD
  • 2 Etch Chambers
  • 2 Ash Chambers
  • 200mm and 300mm Wafer Size
  • FOUP or Open Cassette
  • Fully Flexible Chamber Flow Programming
  • Dedicated Load/Unload Ports
  • Fully AGV, OHV Capable
  •  Windows NT Software

The 700-Series platform is designed for the stringent requirements of 300mm wafer production but provides backwards compatibility for 200mm operations. With its FOUP interface, the 700-Series provides the ultra-clean wafer environment necessary for very low DD and higher yields.

The platform is a multi-chamber system offering two etch chambers and two optional ash chambers. The 700-Series may be configured with either the Microwave ECR etch chamber, the UHF ECR etch chamber, or the EMCP chamber.