Plasma Etch Platform | 500-Series

500-Series Plasma Etch Platform
500-Series Plasma Etch Platform



Hitachi's 500-Series Dry Plasma Etcher

  • Microwave ECR/EMCP Chamber Options
  • High-Performance Process Capability
  • 1 Etch Chamber
  • 1 Ash Chamber (optional)
  • Factory Integration
  • 125mm – 200mm Wafer Size
  • Open Cassette Interface
  • Dedicated Load/Unload Ports

Hitachi’s 500-Series etch platform is a high performance system for enabling processing to the sub-200nm node. It is a cost-effective single-chamber system that can incorporate either the high-density Microwave ECR chamber or the specialized non-volatile EMCP etch chamber.

The 500-Series provides a three-wafer cassette interface and separate load and unload locks. The platform is configured with one etch chamber, an optional ash chamber, and an optional on-board rinse station in the EMCP version.