Plasma Etch Chamber | Microwave ECR XT

Hitachi's Microwave XT ECR Plasma Etch Chamber
Microwave XT ECR Plasma Etch Chamber



Hitachi’s Microwave XT ECR Plasma Etch Chamber

Plasma Source

  • 2.45GHz Microwave Generator
  • Three Independent Magnetic Coils
  • Microwave Energy Resonance Cavity
  • Variable ECR Region Positioning and Shaping
  • Highest Density Plasma

Reactant Gas Delivery / By-Product Evacuation

  • True Symmetrical Chamber Design
  • Top-Down Shower Plate Reactive Gas Delivery
  • Very High Conductance
  • Ultra-Low Pressure


  • In-Situ Plasma Sweep Cleaning
  • Longest MTBWC / MWBWC
  • Fast Maintenance
  • APC

Hitachi High Technologies' (HHT) Microwave ECR XT (M-XT) plasma etch chamber represents a complete redesign of HHT's highly extendible, production-proven Microwave ECR plasma source.  The M-XT plasma etch chamber delivers the best etch uniformity, tightest process control and highest productivity of any etch system available to the SC market.

Etch uniformity is the key design concept for the M-XT.  HHT retained the Microwave ECR plasma source and all its advantages while redesigning the gas delivery and evacuation of the chamber to provide superior uniformity of reactive gases reaching the wafer surface and by-products being removed from the process chamber.

The M-XT employs microwave energy introduced into a resonance cavity.  As this microwave energy expands and penetrates the process chamber it interacts with a magnetic field controlled by three independent magnetic coils.  The resonance cavity provides for a very uniform delivery of microwave energy to the process chamber while the three independent magnetic coils allow for precise positioning and shaping of the high density ECR plasma region.  HHT's M-XT ECR plasma source provides the most uniform and highest density plasma available for IC etch.

HHT's M-XT chamber is a fully symmetrical design with very high conductance, allowing typical operation at ultra-low pressures.  The M-XT utilizes a shower plate above the wafer for uniform reactive gas delivery to the wafer surface.  This design is far superior to typical point gas delivery systems normally seen for IC etch.  The high-speed pumping combined with the fully symmetrical chamber means etch by-products are quickly and efficiently removed from the process chamber.

Finally, a multi-zone wafer temperature control feature designed into an electrode capable of delivering accurate RF-Bias power allows for precise control of the etch reaction across the entire wafer surface.

Combining the most uniform and extendible plasma source available with a completely symmetrical etch chamber, designed for superior reactant gas delivery and by-product evacuation, HHT's M-XT provides for the tightest process control of any IC plasma etcher available to the SC industry.

In addition to HHT's renowned reliability, far exceeding industry norms, the M-XT design provides capability for the longest MWBWC of any etch tool for IC devices.  A unique capability to perform a periodic "Plasma Sweep" of the process chamber allows the M-XT to maintain a pristine chamber condition that is extremely stable over long periods of time.  When a wet clean is eventually required the M-XT design incorporates several key features that reduce the downtime associated with maintenance events.

The most uniform plasma source for IC etch paired with a completely symmetrical chamber design for perfectly uniform gas delivery / evacuation and industry leading productivity allows HHT to offer the most technically advanced and uniform etch tool available to the SC industry.

Contact an HHT representative today to learn what your competitors already know; how the "M-XT Advantage" will take your razor thin process margins up to a whole new level of uniformity, process control, and productivity.