Plasma Etch Chamber | EMCP



EMCP Non-Volatile Plasma Etch Chamber

  • Designed to Etch Non-Volatile Materials
  • HDD TFH, FeRAM and MRAM Etch
  • ICP Plasma Source
  • Long MWBWC Performance / Enhanced Productivity
  • Designed for Fast, Low-Cost Maintenance
  • Low-Deposition Design and Corrosion-Free Processing

The Hitachi High Technologies (HHT) EMCP etch chamber is specifically designed to etch novel, non-volatile materials, typically metal alloys / metal oxides, utilized to manufacture HDD Thin Film Heads (TFH) and non-volatile memory devices, such as, FeRAM and MRAM.

In order to etch non-volatile materials, HHT had to design a chamber that would not be adversely affected by the build up of deposition within the chamber.  Primarily, etch stability and long times between cleans was a priority for manufacturability in production environments.  HHT understood that the key to these technologies lies in the ability to take a device from the design and development stage to production.  While other etch solutions may be moderately successful in the low-volume development stage, those solutions become problematic when placed into the day-to-day high-volume production environment.

The HHT EMCP reactor design solves the high-volume manufacturing problem through a unique capability allowing the chamber to be cleaned in an in-situ manner that preserves etch stability and allows for thousands of etched wafers before a wet clean is necessary.  In a production environment, there is no other etch solution that can deliver the capability to etch these difficult to etch non-volatile metal / metal oxides while maintaining the high productivity necessary for profitable device manufacturing.

Beyond the low-deposition design, the HHT EMCP etcher has additional functionality allowing for corrosion-free processing.  Since corrosion is a significant concern for many of the metallic materials used in HDD TFH and non-volatile memories, Hitachi designed on-board post-etch processing that eliminates the possibility of devastating corrosion.

The Hitachi EMCP is used to etch materials such as, Al2O3 (Alumina), NiFe, Cr-alloys, Fe-alloys, Ni-alloys, Ta, Ir, Mn, Pt-alloys, Au, PZT, SBT, and others.  Contact Hitachi High Technologies today to learn how the HHT EMCP Non-Volatile Etcher will make your devices manufacturable.