UV-Visible Spectrophotometers | UH5300 Double-Beam with Wireless Control Capability

Hitachi UH5300 UV-Visible Double-Beam Spectrophotometer
A compact and energy-saving double-beam system with a wireless-control capability


Hitachi UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be controlled with an iPadThe Hitachi UH5300 is an innovative, double-beam UV-Visible system. It incorporates the latest IT technology and can be operated in a wireless configuration from an iPad® or PC, or wired directly to a PC. When connected to a Wi-Fi router, you can control the instrument, print reports, and export data wirelessly from an iPad or PC, providing a new way to work in your laboratory
The UH5300 is designed with the environment in mind by using a long-life pulsed Xe lamp with a 7-year warranty(*), offering reliability and low operational cost.  With the standard 6-position automatic cell changer and intelligent sample compartment door, this instrument affords a high-throughput sample measurement.  Simple and easy performance check functions assure the accuracy of measured data.
*: A 7-year warranty requires compliance with instrument registration.
Configuration Examples

Wireless configuration with a Wi-Fi router and an iPad

Wired configuration with a PC and printer

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