UV-Visible Spectrophotometers | U-3900/3900H Research-Grade

Hitachi U-3900/3900H UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
Comprehensive double-beam, single/double-monochromator systems to serve a variety of analytical needs in the fields of basic research, biotechnology, new materials, and more.



U-3900/3900H High-Performance Research-Grade UV-Visible Spectrophotometers

Hitachi's U-3900 double-beam single-monochromator system and the U-3900H double-beam double-monochromator system are high-performance, comprehensive, research-grade solutions for a variety of applications.

  • Extraordinary Performance afforded by low stray light, narrow bandpass, and high energy, with linearity to greater than 5.5 absorbance.
  • Double-Beam Stability provides improved accuracy and repeatability over extended periods of time, plus the ability to reference-beam attenuate highly absorbing species for improved signal-to-noise.
  • Standard Sample Compartment accommodates a wide range of accessories to address automated analysis, specular and diffuse reflectance, turbid samples, thin films, long path cells, and continuous flow-through monitoring.
  • UV-Solutions® Software (required) offers the flexibility that customers demand in any lab environment. It runs on both Microsoft® Windows 2000 and XP for powerful 32-bit processing and true multi-tasking capabilities. Quantitative analysis, data export to Microsoft® Word and Excel, print preview and other highly flexible software functions are available.
  • Micro-Focusing Optics and Automatic Cell-Length Conversion capabilities for measuring micro-quantities of samples.
  • Highly Reliable Quantitative Determination achievable up to a high concentration range with minimized stray light (U-3900: 0.015% or less, U-3900H: 0.00025% or less).
  • Automatic Calibration and Self-Diagnosis Functions implemented to ensure a high degree of reliability in analysis.
  • High Absorbance Measurements and Low Transmittance also available (U-3900H only).