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HPLC software
Hitachi’s philosophy regarding software is to let customers choose what is best for their lab. While Empower™ is Hitachi’s flagship chromatography data system, these other data systems are also available.



EZChrom Elite™ Chromatography Data System

EZChrom Elite serves as a chromatography system manager that optimizes the functions of Hitachi HPLC systems and amino acid analyzers. Working in the Windows XP/Vista domain environment, EZChrom Elite provides a client/server system for total user management. Using EZChrom Elite, administrators can have full control of data and user security, facilitating compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. EZChrom Elite can also be used in a standalone environment without networking.

D-2000 Elite HPLC System Manager

The D-2000 Elite software is a high-value chromatography data system for the L-2000 series HPLC systems. The D-2000 Elite is a cost-effective software alternative for controlling up to two L-2000 series HPLC systems on a single PC. While easy to use with its simple user interface, full control of the Diode Array Detector with 3-D data processing is standard (one diode array detector per PC). It also provides 2-peak deconvolution functionality for mathematically separating two overlapping peaks for effective qualitative and quantitative analysis. Flexible report layouts and automated data exporting to spreadsheets are also supported.

Other Data Systems Compatible with Hitachi HPLC

Analyst®          Chromeleon®          Clarity®          HyStar™          OpenLAB®

 *Empower™ is a trademark of Waters Corporation. EZChrom Elite™ and OpenLAB® are registered trademarks of Agilent Technologies, Inc. Analyst® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. Chromeleon is a registered trademark of Dionex Corporation. Clarity® is a registered trademark of DataApex. HyStar™ is a trademark of Bruker Biospin.