HPLC Software | Empower

The perfect combination of performance, value, and power



Through a collaboration between Hitachi and Waters you can enjoy the powerful software capabilities of Empower™ and the industry-leading performance and value of Hitachi's liquid chromatography systems.

Empower software’s powerful features make it easy to focus on running samples and producing meaningful results. The improved flexible interface is designed to maximize your productivity, improving how you collect, process, and print chromatography data.


  • Usability. Empower sotware provides all the software functionality your laboratory staff needs to efficiently work with chromatography data.
  • Versatility. Empower software lets you acquire and control data with different instrumentation including HPLC, U-HPLC, and GC, from a wide range of vendors.
  • Compliance. Empower provides a simple yet comprehensive interface for managing laboratory regulatory compliance.
  • Scalability. Both flexible and scalable, Empower software makes the most of your lab performance allowing you to configure an appropriate solution for your lab’s needs.
  • Hitachi LC Control. Through a collaboration between Hitachi and Waters you can enjoy both the powerful software capabilities of Empower and the performance and value of Hitachi’s liquid chromatography systems in one fully-integrated package.

Empower User Interface Options

  • QuickStart is based on a single-window interface. It highlights where the user is within the application at all times, presenting the appropriate functionality required when the user needs it. With QuickStart in Empower you can easily develop new methods, customize reports, and manage your data from one centralized location.
  • The Pro user interface is perfect for system administrators or anyone who needs total control and access to all software functions.
  • Open Access lets the routine user select a method, enter the number of samples to run, and start analyzing in just a few quick steps.

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