Fluorescence Spectrophotometer | F-2700/F-2710

hitachi f-2700/f-2710 fluorescence spectrophotometer
With its best-in-class sensitivity, the F-2700 and F-2710 are ideal choices for a wide range of applications from teaching to biotech and material research.



The Hitachi F-2700/F-2710 Fluorescence Spectrophotometers are available in two configurations depending on your laboratory’s needs. The F-2700 can be used as stand-alone and also PC-controlled; the F-2710 is a PC-controlled-only model. 

Model F-2700 Stand-Alone System
(PC control optional)
Model F-2710 PC-Control System

fluorescence spectrophotometerThe F-2700 in stand-alone configuration using the built-in keyboard and LCD screen is ideal for teaching and routine measurements. Adding PC control expands its capabilities to biotech research and quantum yield applications.

The large built-in keyboard and LCD screen

make operation a breeze.

The F-2700/F-2710 feature an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (800 S/N RMS, Raman band of water at 5 nm bandwidth). With PC control the scan speed is as high as 12,000nm/min, making it ideal for 3-D scan measurements. A wide array of accessories is available, including automatic sampling, quantum yield measurement, full-range spectral correction, and 100μL micro cell.