Diffraction Gratings

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Diffraction Gratings



Hitachi diffraction gratings are products of technology accumulated in a span of over 30 years. The diffraction gratings capable of analyzing a variety of radiations ranging from soft X-Rays to far infrared are now expanding their application areas as optical elements, indispensable for spectroscopy. 

Hitachi Diffraction Gratings

The diffraction gratings developed by Hitachi have been used in various application areas and are now highly evaluated as the world's foremost element. Hitachi's highly reputed precision-ruling engine has now been combined with laser interferometric technology. This permits arranging the groves to a nanometer precision! Our burnishing technique, with use of a diamond tool, enables forming excellent grooves, making surfaces far smoother than vacuum evaporated metal surfaces.


  • From X-ray to Infrared, gratings can now be designed to meet specific requirements.
  • The ruling engine equipped with a highly sensitive laser interferometer is able to rule grating grooves with ultra-high accuracy and realizes high-resolution spectroscopic instruments.
  • Grating grooves having two or more different blaze angles can be combined on a single diffraction grating. This structure allows for broader wavelength coverage.
  • Coma-type aberration-corrected concave grating for high resolution Seya-Namioka monochromator.

Plane, Concave, or CUSTOM-designed diffraction gratings with a choice of blank material and coating: