Amino Acid Analyzer | L-8900

Hitachi L-8900 amino acid analyzer
The L-8900 Amino Acid Analyzer is a dedicated system that
continues the long line of Hitachi amino acid systems.



High Speed Amino Acid Analyzer from Hitachi
Hitachi has manufactured over 1800 Amino Acid Analyzers for over40 years. The L-8900 is capable of analyzing physiological fluids and protein hydrolysates. If you have special requirements, the L-8900 is the one to choose! Hitachi offers the best solution to amino acid analysis.

High Sensitivity: Reaction Column vs. Reaction Coil:
In conventional analyzers, sample zone spreading within the reaction coil causes adverse effects on separation. The L-8900 features a special reaction column (patent pending) to maintain good separation of the sample zone and yet offering high sensitivity and high-speed analysis.

Reaction Coil

Before reaction

After reaction

 The speed of the mobile phase is highest at the center of the tube, causing peak broadening. 

Linear Velocity



By filling the reaction column with beads, the mobile phase moves less smoothly, resulting in a homogeneous flow without peak broadening.

Exceptionally Fast Analysis with Outstanding Detection Limits

Column before

Column before

Standard amino acid determination takes just 30 minutes (net) and physiological fluid determination can be carried out fully automatically in just 110 minutes.

Front Access
No space is needed at the side of the instrument for maintenance. Just open the front door to replace consumables, columns and the liquid waste container.

No Need for Refrigeration
The L-8900's unique post column delivery design mixes the two ninhydrin reagents just prior to amino acid derivatization. This means they can be stored for a year without refrigeration.