IM4000Plus Series Ion-Milling Systems

Hitachi IM4000Plus Series Ion-Milling Systems
Second-generation IM4000 series ion-milling systems with improved milling speed



The IM4000 Plus Series Ion-Milling Systems are the second-generation IM4000 series hybrid instruments supporting Cross-Section Milling and Flatmilling®. A wide variety of system configurations are offered: Standard, Cooling, Air Protection, Cooling & Air Protection.

Standard System Cooling System Air Protection & Cooling System


  • Faster milling with the improved ion optics (> 500 um/h at 6 kV)
  • Intermittent milling process for heat dissipation for thermally sensitive material
  • Improved cryo operation with precise temperature control (for the cooling model)
  • Higher precision for mask position alignment for site specific cross-section milling

Cooling System


Air Protection & Cooling