FT9500X Series High-Performance XRF Coating Thickness Gauge

Hitachi FT9500X Series High-Performance XRF Coating Thickness Gauge
Rapid and Precise Measurement of Micro Spots on Metal Coatings



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The newly developed X-ray focusing optics (capillary) system and X-ray tube enable the FT9500X Series XRF Coating Thickness Gauge to achieve a high intensity beam at 30 micrometers in diameter. The FT9500X Series enables rapid and precise measurement of micro spots on lead frames, connectors, and flexible substrates, typically not possible with conventional XRF coating thickness gauges due to their lower irradiation intensities. The FT9500X Series, which can irradiate an area 1/5 the size compared with Model FT9500, yet still achieves measurement intensity equivalent to the FT9500.

1. Thickness Measurement of Thin Films and Multilayered Films

The FT9500X Series is equipped with a new X-ray tube and capillary optic system, which focuses the X-ray beam to a spot of 30 um in diameter, with an intensity equivalent to conventional instruments.

With the FT9500X Series you can focus the micro spot with high precision, while simultaneously measuring the coating thickness of each layer of a multilayer film, such as Au/Pd/Ni/Cu.

2. Contaminant Analysis

A high intensity beam combined with a high counting rate detector enables qualitative analysis of contaminants. After the CCD camera confirms the location of contaminants, qualitative analysis (Al to U) of the contaminants can be performed by identifying differences between the spectrum obtained and a reference spectrum.

3. Data Export Function

Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Word are preinstalled. Measurement data, averaged value, maximum/minimum value, and CV value can be calculated using Microsoft® Excel statistical processing functions. Measurement result reports including sample images can be easily generated using Microsoft® Word.

4. High-Intensity Lighting

The illuminated micro spots can be observed, allowing easy position adjustment.

5. Sample Stage

FT9550X features a large substrate and tray for larger samples.