FT110 Series XRF Coating Thickness Gauge

Hitachi FT110 Series XRF Coating Thickness Gauge
Auto focus for better and faster image acquisition



The FT110 Series XRF Coating Thickness Gauge has a new auto focus function which automatically focuses on the sample within a few seconds. No manual adjustment is required, which results in higher throughput.

1. Easy operation

Once a sample is placed on the stage, an optical image of the sample is automatically displayed.

2. Precisely measures 50 nm Au plating thickness in 10 seconds

Optimum geometry provides higher sensitivity even under a micro beam, enabling higher measurement accuracy with a round 0.1 or 0.2 mm collimator.

3. Measurement without standard samples

Measurement can be done without thickness standard sample(s) by expanding the FP software. Measurement of multilayer films and alloy films can be performed easily.

4. Easy positioning using the Wide View System (option)

With the new Wide View System (option), the whole sample image can be observed (size max. 250x200mm) and the desired measurement area can be specified.