SU-70 UHR Schottky (Analytical) FE-SEM

Hitachi SU-70 UHR Schottky (Analytical) FE-SEM
A field-emission SEM designed to perform ultra-high resolution imaging together with various analytical functions


  • Ultra high resolution 1.0nm/15kV, 1.6nm/1kV
  • SE BSE signal control by Super ExB
  • Ultra-low accelerating voltage for shallow surface observation (*using deceleration mode)
  • Probe current 100 nA (attainable 200 nA)
  • EBSP analysis by Field-Free Mode
  • Sample chamber designed for a wide range of analytical accessories
This newest scanning electron microscope (SEM) from Hitach High Technologies can perform ultra-high resolution imaging together with various analytical functions. This is to meet the demands of a new market trend which increasingly requires image observation at ultra-high resolution and a wide variety of analytical work together in one SEM.
The SU-70 is a new-concept SEM, incorporating Hitachi’s field-proven semi-in-lens technology and a new Schottky electron gun. It features not only ultra-high resolution (1.0 nm/15kV, 1.6nm*/l kV) but also reduced charge-up imaging, compositional-contrast imaging, and ultra-low voltage imaging (deceleration mode*) derived from Hitachi’s highly reputed Super ExB filter technology. Its new Schottky electron gun, which can produce probe currents in excess of 200 nA, enables a wide variety of analytical capabilities at high throughput. The newly designed specimen chamber also allows simultaneous mounting of various detectors such as EDX, WDX, EBSP, STEM, BSE, CL. This versatile port design also provides the option for a cryogenic sample stage.