SU1510 Variable Pressure SEM

Hitachi SU1510 VP-SEM
Mid-size VP-SEM with the same performance and features as a full-scale model



The SU1510 is a medium size chamber Variable Pressure SEM with the same performance and features as the S-3400N and S-3700N models. Quad Bias gun electronics greatly improves low voltage performance and increases beam current well suited for today's SDD X-ray detectors. Dual high-take-off ports accommodate two EDS detectors mounted 180 degrees apart for tice the analytical data collection plus eliminates X-ray map shadows associated with rough sample surfaces. A high speed, clean, efficient TMP reduces the pumpdown time tojust over 60 seconds and eliminates the need for water cooling.

Compact, high performance and easy to use makes the SU1510 a great general purpose VPSEM for any advanced laboratory.