HT7710 120kV BF/DF STEM

Hitachi HT7710 120kV BF/DF Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope
HT7710 High-Performance, High-Resolution BF/DF STEM for Nano-Scale Analysis



Continuing more than 70 years of microscopy innovation, Hitachi offers the HT7710 STEM with maximum performance and productivity for in-situ analysis.

The HT7710's radical design incorporates the ergonomics and user friendliness of a SEM with the advanced resolution and analytical capabilities of a TEM/STEM. It features completely digital imaging supported by a redesigned viewing chamber which accommodates Hitachi’s brightfield and darkfield STEM detectors.

  • STEM Performance for Soft/Hybrid Materials—40-120kV with a magnification range of 100‑800,000X and image recording resolutions up to 5120 X 3840
  • High Magnification and Large FOV STEM—Ideal for high-resolution lattice imaging, bulk crystal structure, and nanoparticle analysis
  • Flexible Port Configurations—BF/DF STEM, EDS detectors, and cameras for high-throughput imaging and compositional data
  • Intuitive STEM GUI and Automation Features—All STEM images instantly archived in Hitachi’s EMIP database software
  • Optional High-Resolution Objective Lens– 1.4Å at low accelerating voltages with minimal beam damage