EA6000VX High-Sensitivity XRF Analyzer

Hitachi EA6000VX High-Sensitivity X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer
An innovative XRF analyzer with functions that were not supported before



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The EA6000VX High-Sensitivity XRF Analyzer is capable of determining hazardous substances over entire surfaces as well as measuring microscopic points in a specified area; tasks that are not possible using conventional XRF instruments.

1. High-Speed Mapping 

The high count rate detector (max. 150,000 cps) and the high-speed stage that scans a max. 250mm x 200mm area provide high-speed mapping. For example, when mapping a 100mm x 100mm area, the EA6000VX can detect and specify the location of lead contained in the terminal of a mounting board in just a few minutes.

2. High Count Rate Detector with No LN2 Required

Equipped with the world-leading high count rate detector (a count rate 15 times higher compared with conventional models), the EA6000VX greatly improves measurement efficiency. Additionally, the detector does not require LN2, resulting in safer operation and higher up-time.

3. Continuous Multi-Point Measurements

Up to 500 points can be specified and continuously measured on a series of sample. Thus, measuring large samples can be performed with high throughput and minimal user intervention.

4. High Precision Overlap Function

With a telecentric optic system and high precision XY stage, the complete overlap of sample image and mapping image can be achieved. Spotting the target elements in small parts is extremely easy. The top view of the entire area of 250mm x 200mm is displayed, and can be precisely zoomed within a 100 um range.

5. Microscopic Area Coating Thickness Measurements

The EA6000VX is capable of coating thickness measurements typically performed with the FT series, including the challengin measurement of ultra-thin Au film coatings. Analysis of hazardous substances such as Pb in plating can be determined simultaneously with coating thickness. Some applications include the measurement of hazardous substance concentration in Pb-free solder plating, Sn plating of lead frames, and electroless Ni plating.

6. RoHS Inspection 

Effectively measures RoHS and other restricted substances contained in resin and metals with high sensitivity. You can specify areas to measure even with on complex sample geometries.

7. Light Element Measurement

The He Purge option enables the analysis of light elements starting with Na. The system purges with He only while making measurements, providing stable, cost-effective analysis.

8. See-Through Mapping Function

The "see-through" feature started as a search for Pb on boards already mounted in electronics.

Element mapping images can be obtained without taking apart products or even knowing anything about the internal structure of laptop computers and cell phones, for example. By comparing the element mapping images obtained by penetrating X-rays, a great deal of information can be obtained about the structure and internal components 

9. Contaminant Analysis

With its high-speed mapping function, the EA6000VX is able to detect and locate small metal contaminants in the tens of micrometers size range for a wide measurement area (at a maximum of 250mm x 200mm). Small amounts of contaminants contained in organic substances, including plastics, can be also detected.

10. Technologically Enhanced Operability: Auto Approach and Sample Collision Prevention Mechanism

Auto Approach Function measures the sample height and automatically adjusts the distance between sample and detector so that the operator can easily measure samples with complicated shapes. In the case of manual operation, Sample Collision Prevention Mechanism prevents sample damage.