EA1000AIII X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF)

Hitachi EA1000AIII X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF)
Cost reduction and improved throughput



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The EA1000A III X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer achieves better throughout by shortening the measurement time by 1/3 compared with our previous model. The precision control, which was optional for the former models, is now standard, improving the cost effectiveness.

1. Low-Cost Entry Model

The EA1000A III is equipped with improvements from the previous model (SEA1000A II), including a silicon semiconductor detector, electric control system, and mechanical drive system, yet is priced about the same. The EA1000A III measures three times faster than the SEA1000A II, and comes standard with environmentally regulated substance measurement software (ver. 2).

2. New Version of Hazardous Substance Measurement Software with a Variety of New Functions

Material ID Function

The EA1000A III rapidly identifies materials of different types of samples as soon as the measurement starts. Previously, an analytical recipe had to be selected first, but now there is no need to select an analytical recipe; the instrument can automatically identify a material.

3. Improved Operation

The user can monitor the measurement status via the progress bar on the Operation Panel as well as the sound indicators.

4. A Variety of Standard Reference Samples

A variety of standard reference samples not only for the RoHS restricted elements (Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, and Cr), but also for other elements such as chlorine (Cl), antimony (Sb) and tin (Sn) are available.

5. Sample Changer (Optional)

The optional sample changer enables the sequential measurements of up to 12 samples.

6. Data and Trend Management by the Hazardous Substance Measurement Software Ver.2

Software manages the data from one or more instruments, including retrieval, browsing, analysis, editing, printing, and report preparation, allowing higher inspection efficiency and cost reduction.