DMA7100 Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer (DMS)

Suitable for viscoelasticity measurements



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Viscoelasticity measurements transform the samples by bending, tension, shearing etc., and determine the elastic modulus and tan σ of the sample from the amount of deformation and response delay. Local relaxation and other characteristics of polymeric materials, which cannot be measured by typical thermal analysis methods, can be obtained at high sensitivities.

1. Easy Operation with Interactive Software and an Easy-to-Use Measurement Head

Each type of measurement head corresponding to a variety of deformation modes is ergonomically designed and structurally improved to enable easy and secure installation of samples. With the illustrated step-by-step navigation of the sample-measurement software, even a novice operator is able to use the instrument with ease and confidence.

2. Highly Reliable Measurements with Superior Cooling Performance by the Lissajous Monitor

The instrument is equipped with a Lissajous monitor for observing the relationship of response and deformation of a sample being measured. The deformed condition of a sample can be verified in the real time for each measurement point. The sample deforming status at each measurement point can be verified even after measurement, thus supporting highly reliable data acquisition using a Lissajous graph.

3. More Economical Cooling Unit

The DMS7100 can be connected with the fully automated gas cooling unit employed with the EXSTAR7000 Series. This economical cooling unit cuts liquid nitrogen consumption by 30% from the previous model.

4. Sample Observation Option (Real View DMS) (Option)

Real View DMS displays and saves sample status changes via images collected during the measurement. Using the analysis software after a measurement allows the user to link a saved image to temperature or any other signal. More reliable analysis can be performed, such as evaluating the exact point of phase transition.