AFM5100N Compact General-Purpose Atomic Force Microscope

Hitachi AFM5100N Compact Generic-Purpose Atomic Force Microscope
Compact General-Purpose AFM for Manual Operation



The Hitachi AFM5100N Atomic Force Microscope is a compact, general-purpose AFM equipped with a built-in high-resolution sensor lever for manual operation. 

1. Simple Cantilever Installation and Operation

In conventional models, levers are very small and difficult to handle, but the internal sensor lever of the AFM5100N is large and easy to install and operate.

2. Laser Optic Axis Adjustment No Longer Necessary
With the optic lever, adjustment is required to align the laser axis to the cantilever. With the self-detection system of the AFM5100N, it is no longer necessary.
3. Accurate Positioning by Using a PinPoint Cantilever
The cantilever is designed to allow verification from directly above the position of the probe tip. Positioning of the measurement area is made easy. Also, high resolution is acheived by sharpening the probe.
4. Space-Saving Design
Isolation mechanism, wind shield cover, top USB camera enabling observation of sample, and cantilever are all combined in a compact instrument.
5. Easy Navigation
With a flow-chart navigation system, observing high-resolution surfaces is now a breeze for any user. Setting measurement parameters can also be done by simply following a wizard-style procedure.
6. Superior Expandability 
The AFM5100N accommodates various functions via the alignment of the optic lever method. Also, change to the light lever method is completed by inserting one cable.