AFM5000II Atomic Force Microscope Controller

Hitachi AFM5000II Scanning Probe Station
The latest SPM control station for Hitachi AFM products



The all new ARM5000II SPM controller from Hitachi offers an advanced auto-tuning function for measurement parameters with a new GUI enabling simple nano-imaging.

1. RealTuneⅡ Auto Tuning Functions for Optimal Measurement Parameters

The improved auto-tuning function systematically and efficiently monitors sample topography, scanning area, the cantilever, and the scanner to determine the best operating conditions. As the measurement parameters are optimized, the cantilever’s vibration amplitude and operation frequency are automatically adjusted based on the sample and cantilever types. The new and improved auto-tuning algorithm offers reliable and precise imaging with a simple point-and-click!

  • One-Click Automatic Measurement

  • Automatic Tuning Function for Various Samples

The example below shows fibrous carbon nano-tube structure (Gecko adhesive tape, sample generously provided by Nitto Denko Corporation).

Conventional tuning system
Delicate fibers are deformed and damaged in cross directions.
Improved algorithm
The complex fiber structure is clearly observed with no damage.

The example below shows polycrystalline organic thin-film transistor (polycrystalline pentacene thin film, sample generously provided by Kitamura Laboratory, Kobe University).

Conventional value
Crystal steps are destroyed and unclear.
Improved algorithm
A stable observation of crystal steps by the improved tuning function.


2. New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Intuitive and logical control icons balance the screen layout with information provided for ultra-efficient, productive, and easy AFM operation for all levels of users.
  • Measurement and analysis tabs provide organized and spacious work areas on the monitor display.

3. Analysis Functions

The 3D Overlay Function enables the observation of “cause-and-effect relationship” between topography and physical properties. A variety of other functions, such as roughness and cross-section analysis, are also standard tools.

  • 3D Overlay
  • Roughness and Cross-Section Profile Analysis

4. Compact Design for Desktop Use

The AFM5000II's small footprint allows flexible and efficient space usage.