Thermo-electric coolers

Thermo-electric coolers
KELK (former Komatsu-Electronics) | Thermo-electric coolers


"Create Temperature, Create by Temperature"
Be the world's leading and most reliable supplier of precise thermal control systems based on thermo-electric modules with outstanding quality and innovative technology.



  • Ongoing development in integrated manufacturing from fabrication of Hot-forged element and performance evolution is on going.
  • Robotic module assembly and 100% inspection guarantee quality and reliability.
  • Large ΔT max and low power consumption, optimized by simulation.
  • Variety of choice for customizing, i.e. post yype, pre-tinning or multi-stage.
  • Open tooled TECs are available for initial evaluation


  • (1) TECs for Pump Laser and Tunable Laser
  • (2) Mini-TECs for TOSA application with small footprint
  • (3) Multi-Stage TEC for high sensitive Sensor application