Si V-grooves / SiOB / Heat sinks / Submounts

Si V-grooves / SiOB / Heat sinks / Submounts
Hitachi Kyowa | Si V-grooves / SiOB / Heat sinks / Submounts



    Hitachi Kyowa manufactures optical sub-assemblies (silicon platforms with anisotropic-etched v-grooves and upside pyramidal cavities used for passive alignment of bulk optics/fiber) and Heat sinks.

  The heat sink materials range in thermal conductivity from about 35W/m·K (Al2O3) up to 270W/m·K (SiC), hence our heat sinks are capable of dissipating heat according to the power consumption of a specific optical device. By selecting a suitable substrate material, it is possible to reduce thermal strain during device assembly. Various types of solder which allow for efficient die bonding are available.

    Hitachi High Technologies America is Hitachi's sales and marketing representative for North America.


  • Thin film patterned titanium platinum gold metallization & tantalum nitride resistor
  • Thin film patterned gold tin solder (or other solders per customer request)
  • Various substrate materials to choose from 


Material Properties

SiC AlN Al2O3 Si
Bulk density (kg/m3) 3.2 3.3 3.8 2.3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (x10-6/K) 3.7 4.5 7.2 3.5
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K, RT) 270 170
35 145
Volume resistivity (Ω·cm, RT) >1010 >1013 >1013
Dielectric Constant (1MHz, RT) 100 9.2 10 11.7
Bending Strength (MPa, RT) 392 343 294
Material Options
SiC (SC-101) Silicon Carbide Ceramic
AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic
Al2O3 Alumina Ceramic
Si Silicon