Direct Sale of Tandem Quadrupole Detector

Pleasanton, CA, May , 2009 – Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (“HTA”) has signed an agreement with Waters Corporation for HTA’s Life Science Division to distribute both the Waters® 3100 Mass Detector (Single Quadrupole) and Waters® TQ detector (Tandem Quadrupole) for direct sales within the USA and Canada. With the addition of these information-rich detection platforms to its already wide array of chromatographic detection technologies, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. further solidifies its position as the leader in chromatographic analysis for a wide range of applications.

The Waters® 3100 Mass Detector is a single quadrupole mass detector enabled by easy-to-use Intellistart™ Technology and provides a simple route to more selectivity, sensitivity, and throughput with faster scan speeds. Its scan speed (10000 amu/s) is ideal for coupling to Hitachi’s LaChromUltra® system. Standard feature includes ESCi® multi-mode ionization source for APCI (+/-) and ESI (+/-) in the same run.

The Waters® TQ Detector is a compact, benchtop, tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer designed for High Performance /MS/MS. The TQ Detector provides a simple, robust platform for quantitative LC/MS/MS enabled by hi-speed MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring) and ESCi® multi-mode ionization. In conjunction with Hitachi’s LaChromUltra®, the TQ Detector provides exceptional capabilities for quantitative analysis and characterization.

The Hitachi LaChromUltra® U-HPLC and LaChrom Elite® HPLC systems can be interfaced with the 3100 Mass Detector or TQ detector with complete integrated control, data acquisition and reporting via the Empower™ 2 Chromatography Data System.

Principal Analytical Techniques Supported by HTA

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • Dedicated Amino Acid Analysis – L-8900
  • UV/FL Spectrophotometry Solutions